The New Hope organ upgrade

Help Us Build Our New Organ!

"Sing to the LORD a new song, for he has done marvelous things." Psalm 98:1 

Help us Build Our NEW Organ!



How does upgrading our organ align with the Vision and Mission of NHC? 

A vibrant music program is often what draws people into the doors of the Church so they can hear the Gospel Message being preach and perhaps respond to Christ in some way.  

One of the unique qualities of New Hope's Worship experience is our ability to blend both traditional music with modern worship with a high level of excellence.   As we desire to REACH people for Christ, many people have come to our church because of this very fact.   

God is most glorified when we exercise our greatest talents and abilities for His praise.   As musicians, this is, in part, our act of worship. Soli Deo Gloria!

how old is our organ?

Our current organ was built in 1990 and relies on older technology. It is showing age maintenance issues and will continue to be liability. In the past 2 years, a total board failure and the punch card device has been repaired. Today, the foam around the speaker cones are rotting away and our volume pedals are malfunctioning (we have soft - and we have loud... but not much control in between). In addition, sound sampling and tonal reproduction technology has come a long way in the past 33 years, giving us the most realistic reproduction of the sound of an authentic pipe organ than ever before possible. Much like spending money on 1990 Corolla, there is a moment when it’s time to get a new car!

What will a new instrument do for us?

A state of the art digital instrument will allow for our congregation to experience ethereal power of the organ as it was intended to be experienced in the warmth and richness of textures and choruses within the sound of a pipe organ.

This state of the art instrument allows the organist to play standard organ repertoire (traditional) giving us the ability to hold Concerts and Recitals that would engage the community and draw people to New Hope Church.

In addition, the versatility of this instrument would enhance the contemporary styles of worship that works seamlessly with the Praise band.  

"The pipe organ is the voice of God!" - Charles Marie Widor 

Will I be able to hear the difference in sound? 

 Yes!  The digital tones sound sampling used in today's recording technology are incredibly realistic, with little to any room for further improvement with today's technology.  While a real pipe organ would add value, digital organs have advanced to a near indistinguishable point.  They are designed to mimic a real pipe organ and will fill the room with incredible warmth and fullness.  This project includes 18 separate speakers in the above speaker chamber instead of the 4 that are currently installed.  (watch the videos on this site to get an example)

What is the typical production schedule? 

A typical production schedule for this project would be between 9 -11 months to build and install.  Our hope is to have our NEW organ by September 2024 for the 40th Anniversary of New Hope Church! 


Why Walker?

Walker Technical Company was founded by Bob Walker in 1973 and began as a service company for electronic organs. Bob began the company under the name "Walker Technical Services" and brought 20 years of experience in organ maintenance to the field.

In 1985, Walker Technical Services incorporated under the name Walker Technical Company, Inc. Since that time, the company has grown and the management has diversified into several major departments, including Engineering, Production, Purchasing, Sales, Project Management, Service and Installation. Bob still does some of the service work and tonal finishing of some installations done by Walker Technical Company and assists in sales.

Since its inception, Walker Technical Company has expanded into its present position as the leader in digital voice enhancements for pipe organs. The majority of our work is in alliance with pipe organ builders to seamlessly integrate digital voice additions with an accuracy that produces one cohesive instrument. Products manufactured by Walker Technical can be found throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad in such places as the Mormon Tabernacle, Crystal Cathedral, First Congregational Church in Los Angeles, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, and Avery Fisher Hall of the Lincoln Center.

Our digital voice enhancements and console control systems make up a significant part of the two largest drawknob consoles ever constructed. These projects were the five manual, 522 drawknob console for the United States Naval Academy Chapel Organ in Annapolis, MD, and the six manual, 456 drawknob, 421 “rank” instrument built for Forrest Burdette United Methodist Church in Hurricane, WV. We continue to strive for the highest levels of excellence, quality and customer satisfaction.

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The Walker organ

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Walker Technical Company

  Typical AEolian-Skinner® style IV manual low profile console

    TOTAL AMOUNT NEED:  $210,000

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We invite your to invest in the future of our expanding Music Ministry and Worship life at New Hope Church!      We believe that God deserves our very best praise and our greatest musical talents, abilities and offerings.  To Reach people for Christ through our Music, we want to elevate our music to glorify our Magnificent God with this magnificent instrument.   Help Us Build our New Organ!  

Help us Build Our NEW Organ!


Below are other video comparisons and sound samples for frame of reference.  For example only.